"Ann Paul Delivers Smooth, Soothing, Pop-Rockin’ Sounds on New Album, Stay"

New York native singer/songwriter Ann Paul has delivered her newest album, Stay, and it is packed with twelve engaging, infectious, smooth pop-rockin’ jams that are guaranteed to soothe the soul, calm the nerves and refresh the spirit.

Having been a lover and student of music since her early years, Ann began teaching herself guitar during her childhood. She began taking classical guitar lessons as a teen but decided to step away from a professional music life in order to be a mother and nurture her family.

During that time, Ann never stopped practicing and also used her spare time to write songs for her catalog. When the time was right, Ann stepped back into the music world with the release of her previous album Get Me By.

Her newest release, Stay, is the follow-up to that previous project.

I am personally unable to choose a favorite track off the album. Sonically, each song sounds fantastic. Well produced and well crafted, all twelve tunes pack a potent pop-rock punch. The melodies, the hooks, the vibes… it all sticks with you long after the album ends.

Ann’s music is soothing to the soul. It’s stimulating yet relaxing. Familiar yet refreshing. Stay is just a really great, cohesive record.

If you’re wondering what Ann’s favorites might be, she states,

“Seed Of Doubt is about trust and vulnerability in a relationship. Just So You Know is an anthem and a breakup song that celebrates becoming a better person after a breakup. Stay is about the enduring power of love.”

by Joshua Smotherman