"Once Paul begins to sing, her voice brings a tinge of vibrancy to the song that complements the instrumentation."

Ann Paul is a classically trained singer-songwriter based in New York. Hailing from northern Long Island, Paul’s skill set developed smoothly, having taught herself singing and basic guitar as a child before transitioning to formal training through her teen years. Her chops as a songwriter eventually blossomed while in college, and she would continue to refine them while in pursuit of a music career. By 2015, Paul’s first album, Get Me By, was under her belt, featuring a revolving, award winning cast of talent.

Back in December, Stay has proved a wholly decent follow-up. Its production is handled by Andrew Carillo, who also returns as Paul’s guitarist. Paul’s mid-level blend of pop, folk, and rock makes a welcome return, ideal for listeners who seek a sound easy on the ears but with sufficient, all-around bite. While the result leans toward the crisper side of things, with punctuated high end on the percussion and vocals, the organic warmth of the guitars is maintained, making for a wholly pleasant listen.

By Jake Kussmaul